Hairy Sleeping Beauty


Yes this is how he sleeps on the couch, and yes I had to crop the bottom part off, because my mom does read this blog, lol.  It’s Monday, wasn’t a bad Monday, just a Monday.   It was actually quite beautiful, me and my friend Kera walked on our lunch break and went and had a salad over at a little deli by our work, came back had a pretty good selling day.   Now I’m home and Hairy sleeping beauty is asleep on the couch, he’s been getting his hours mixed up again.  I think he stayed up till 4:30 last night.   I woke up to go to the bathroom, and he was sewing leaves on a towel.   I’ll explain that one later.  It’s for a prop for our photography.  Since I mentioned my major was Psychology yesterday, I thought I’d write a bit about that, I always loved Psychology, just the workings of the mind.  I think I majored in it because I was trying to figure myself out.   I was also thinking about the bible today, it isn’t a psychology textbook, but it sure give us the wisest counsel for experiencing happiness that I can think of.  It assures us that “a merry heart does good” like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bone.”  I watch Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, there was a little kid that wanted to grow up and be a cardiologist, heart doctor.  You could just see this kids heart was big, I think he will do it too.   I wonder how many heart doctors have heard, a healthy outlook helps the heart.  I believe that!  There have been many different kinds of people in my life, optimist, pessimist, that may be spelled wrong, that’s o.k., I don’t really want to know how to spell that word anyway.  As they say “Milk does the body good” so does Optimism.   Faith, isn’t it the same thing, or something close anyway?  When we can look beyond our present difficulty and put our trust in His goodness it cannot help but make us feel happy.  People have always told me I always smile and am a pretty cheerful fellow.  I do smile a lot, always have.   Even when maybe I’m not so happy.  I still try to smile.  I do admit to my feelings more now at least to myself and those around me, unless I think there’s going to be a big fuss, I hate fussing.  Where am I going with this entry, I’m all over the place, feeling like the energizer bunny, while Mike snores on the couch.  He looks so peaceful when he sleeps and content.  O.k. the truth, I’ve been feeling a little anxious lately, not today, but lately, and I remember a poem I read, I don’t really remember it to quote, but it goes a little something like this.  It’s about bringing anxieties, all your cares and bringing them to the mercy seat and leaving them there, maybe it was a song, I can’t remember, because I’m humming as I’m writing this.  Never a burden, he cannot bear, never a friend like JESUS, I think I must have learned that song when I was little, cause I can’t think of any other time I could have remembered it, and it’s not one we sing at So what am I telling myself,

“Don’t Worry be Happy”  Now I’m singing that one too, with Michael’s snores as the music, you should here it together, it’s some song.


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13 Responses to “Hairy Sleeping Beauty”

  1. So, are my honey and me going to see you hairy boys in Orlando on Friday evening? I know it’s a long stretch…just thought I’d wish. And hope. What a sexy hot shot.

  2. How I love your couch decorations! I also think you’re right in that maintaining positive speech helps keep my moods level and my energy and strength up, as well.

  3. there is more and more data that supports a positive approach is vital towards physical well being; so you got that right!
    Can I come over and play Prince to the Sleeping Beautyr and wake with a kiss?

  4. Gives new meaning to “fluff” the couch!

  5. Wow, what a site to come out to and see on your couch. Love it.

  6. It’s always, always so amazing to me when we think about our feelings… how we can have one emotion and in an nano second switches off to another!! And have you noticed when you’re angry, one can never find a smile on your face? Your mind and body and spirit just won’t allow it. I find things like that simply fascinating.

    I hope your anxiousness [as opposed to anxiety I guess] goes away soon Derek. But you’re a happy person, an optimist to boot, so the feeling will pass soon enough. Take care of yourself my friend. ’til next time!! xoxo

  7. Nice picture of Mike! Hope that that you find the innner peace and keep that nice smile of yours on the face always!

  8. We can only see so far… behind it is DIVINE WILL and Destiny Dont Argue with Destiny Just Stay Blessed, Beautiful and Free!

  9. He looks so peaceful in his natural habitat. And damn sexy too!
    O.K., now it’s your turn!!

  10. Guess we are simply two peas in a pod Derek. Mind all over the place, running a tad anxious, wondering exactly what it is we want. I hate it.

    I will say this, tell Mikey I want that picture unedited. He owes me! LOL. H-O-T! BABY, HOT!!

  11. No deforestation problems there! 😀

    Looks like he got a good snooze in while still looking adorable. I almost thought that was a tarantula on his upper left (our right) arm.

  12. Do you know the song “How Can I Keep from Singing?” Your post reminded me of it. Keeping singing!

  13. Adorable photo! And I’m glad I’m finally able to leave a comment! I’ve tried several times over the past few weeks. But I couldn’t load up your page. I’m sure it’s a problem on my end, because obviously you’ve got all these comments! I love your blog, and will be back.


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