Derek’s psychology story from Pinocchio


I’ve recently had some email’s from some people wanting advice.  I’m not really one to give advice, I like to listen but not really much on advice.  Maybe it was from my years of Psychology in college, yes people I majorned in psychoIogy, I don’t think I’ve ever shared that.  I think about one of my favorite Disney stories; Pinocchio.  This is the story I tell people about when they ask for advice.  Well everyone knows the story of Pinnocchio, the wooden puppet whose nose grows long when he lies.   His friend Jiminy Cricket chirps.  “Let your conscience be your guide.”  Pinnocchio follow his advice and repents, and returns to his Creator, Geppetto, where he is given a heart of flesh and is freed from his strings.  So what is the message.  I think it’s listen to that inner voice.  If you have confusion.  Ask it a question.  It will answer back for you.   I try my best to listen to that voice.  Sometimes it sure is hard to hear.  I’m better at it in quiet places, or underwater.  Havn’t figured that one out yet.  I’m asking myself right now, how strong is my own conscience.  Sometimes my decisions are swayed by others.  But I have not resisted the inner voice.  I try to listen to it, sometimes I even argue with it, because I want to do something else.  Today I ask for a conscience that is cleaned.  I am sorry for all I’ve done wrong in this lifetime, I’m sorry for those times I didn’t listen to the inner voice.  I’ve sort of been writing about this in past entries it seems.   Listen to the inner voice.   Maybe I’m writing this for myself as much as those who asked for some advice.


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3 Responses to “Derek’s psychology story from Pinocchio”

  1. you are spot on.
    most people have the intuition that will immediately tell them ‘do this’ or ‘don’t do this, this is wrong’ but then two things sweep in; you run in by your fears, and ‘what will they think?” concerns attack.

  2. Amazingly, and simply, we receive advice and ephiphanys from the most unlikely of places.

  3. Hey Derek…this is a rather ‘dark post’, quite literally. I mean you have black print on a BLACK background (or at least that is what I am seeing at my end). LOL.

    As for the post’s content…I hear you bud. Some times that inner voice really is something more than an inner voice giving you guidance, if you know what I mean. It’s good to pay some attention to it. 😉 hugs

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