Steve at Big Gorilla Art

biggorillart.gifYears ago, I remember going to a gay pride parade, and there were these two handsome manly men, as I probably would have described them back then, well they still are.  Anyway I remember seeing those two walking together and thinking I want to be a manly man, and I want to be next to one also.  Well a few years later I finally met Steve and Jimmy.   They are both really nice guys!   Steve imagines and draws his fantasy man, and he’s really talented with the hair, funny how some of these guys are my fantasy man too.  I think he’s used my legs for some of his drawings, from memory or maybe from the short shorts I used to wear.  Or maybe it was from when I was spread across the bed.   I’d like him to draw me again sometime, or maybe Mike and I.   He’s artwork is very erotic, so mom’s who read my blog, or any other family member, lol.   Be ready when you click on his link.  Mom, this site is not for you, so don’t even think about it.  Everyone else check out his awesome work at  and tell him Derek sent you.  Or you can email him at


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7 Responses to “Steve at Big Gorilla Art”

  1. WOOF! *drool* What excellent artwork. Thanks for sharing the link, Derek. 😀

  2. Ummm Nig hairy muscle nip pig art. How fun! Oh baby boy, I will be back. I promise. Signed a contract for the new roof today (stripping down to planks and redoing it from scratch. Will be a premium job. Ordered the new monster PC — will spend a lot of time migrating and organizing the tons of stuff I have. Will spend a lot of time exercising to recharge the solar body batteries.

    See you in September. Cheers.

  3. “Or maybe it was me spread across the bed”.

    For some strange reason, that is an idea that does really surpris me 🙂

  4. Oh…Al I suspect it was him spread across the bed. Derek you just crack me up…straight up blunt and frank. LOL.

    I have to admit that the Marine portrait gets to me every time I see it. You’d best let Mike know that…and tel him I am the viewer this scenario…NOT THE VIEWEE.

  5. I so enjoy it when you so calmly drop a surprise on us.

    I love those big, furry guys! I lose myself in all that fur.

  6. Hmmm…. I think I picked out two that could be you. VERY WOOFY! You had me horned up!

  7. Hi there I like your blog a lot and the pictures of you and your family are just great to look at…

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