July 4th Holiday



We had a nice 4th holiday, we went out Tuesday for Lanny’s birthday, and we all had fun.  Got up fairly early on the 4th, and went over to Turk’s, he made a delicious pork shoulder, carrots, taters, mushrooms, corn on the cob, french green beans, and I brought a turtle pie.  Oh our bellies were full, we watched “The Breach”, and “Black Snake Moan”.   We headed back to the house and I took a little nap, all that food had me sleepy, then we headed to the river and watched the fireworks, here’s a few pictures I took of the fireworks, and Turk, and Mike, even one of Mike taking pictures.   Mike took the one of me, see how full I looked.   I couldn’t even suck my stomach in.  I’m really liking Mike’s beard, he had one when I met him but shaved it down to a goatee shortly afterwards, I always tell him how much I like it, hope he keeps it this time.  The firework pictures are my few favorite ones out of about 60.  The one with the two kids shadow is kind of funny for me because we had our camera’s all set up for the show, when they came down and stood right in front of Mike’s camera.   He was  a bit upset, and mumbled a bit, I had to take at least one with them in the shadow watching the fireworks I kind of like it, but I didn’t catch it when the firework was really exploding big though.  Mike moved his chair and moved around the kids.   But I still got some good shots even with the kids in front of me.   I played with one and gave it a negative effect, kind of like the way it turned out too.  I also added a picture I took of Mike our first year together on the 4th of July, he has a goatee in that one with the fireworks behind him.  I have many fond memories of the 4th, from our first one together, to watching them at the beach on balconies, to my first trip to New York, and my favorite of all, my childhood, seems those fireworks were the biggest of them all.  My uncle Tommy and Danny shooting the ones they had bought in Florida out of coke bottles, I think they had been drinking because I remember fireworks flying everywhere, including right by our heads, I remember my Uncle Danny burning his fingers a few times too, and I even remember a firecracker going off in my hand and thinking I wouldn’t have any fingers when I looked down thank goodness none were hurt.  


Hope everyone had a wonder 4th of July

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4 Responses to “July 4th Holiday”

  1. YOu always have such nice pictures. I like Mike with a goatee. My preference I guess. Glad you two had a fun-filled two days.

  2. Great looking photos! They really capture the fun of fireworks. 😀

  3. Nice pictures you guys took! Derek, you still look nice as a sexy bear! Mike looks nice either with a goatee or beard. Somehow I feel that he looks more rugged with the goatee.

  4. Wow those firework pics are some of the best I’ve seen. Sounds like you had fun!

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