To Tony and Brett


There are people in this world that touch your life in ways that words just can’t explain.  But here I try, just because you know, I write.  They become in a small way
a very big part of you and bond to you soul as only a True Friend can.  In times of pain their touch brings comfort, In times of joy, they share your tears of happiness.  The bond of Friendship is a special thing for me.  Is one that last a lifetime, one that neither time nor distance could ever diminish.  For my friends Tony and Brett, know this always you are ever in my thoughts, and always this big heart in the middle of all this fuzz. 

We had such a nice time with the guys this weekend.  Saturday was a blast from the time they got here.  They even went to church with us on Sunday.   We did have to go to Mike’s nephew Jacob’s first birthday party around 3, so they got to have some fun Tony and Brett time which I know they enjoyed.   It’s nice having friends who you know care so much about each other.   I wish I would have taken the day off so I could run around with them more.   Thanks Tony and Brett for taking time out of your schedules to come visit with us, we enjoyed your company very much.   Yes, Mike’s pinching their butt’s in that picture, that’s why they are making funny faces.


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4 Responses to “To Tony and Brett”

  1. Lucky Mike! And lucky Brett & Tony! LOL

  2. You know how much you and Mike mean to me as friends (and Brett too). Thanks for a great weekend. Pinch me MIke! Pinch me! PS. Mike does have one hard toshie!!!

  3. All the better for pounding. LMAO!

  4. Hey, Derek. Been reading your blog for a while. It is a vrey interesting blog. So Tony was visiting you guys. No wonder he disappeared from his blog for a while. I used to go to school at Gainesville, FL and went to your town for once a while. All your pictures just remind me those days.

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