Tony and Brett, hot beautiful Saturday


Well it’s getting late, and it took me forever to load these pictures, but as you can see the guys made it to Jacksonville safe and sound around noon today.   We took lots of pictures, but just wanted to add a few of my favorite’s to the blog before I hit the sack, I wanted to write a little post on the day, but I am pooped and ready for bed, Mike’s already snoring zzz’s in there.   Glad the guys are here.   It did my heart good to spend the day with them, and look forward to seeing them tomorrow.   More on the day later, and more pictures too.   I’ve got a pillow and a big bear waiting for me.  Hope all are having a good weekend.  It was good chatting with you today Bigg!


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3 Responses to “Tony and Brett, hot beautiful Saturday”

  1. Some lovely photos there! Everyone looks so happy and relaxed. 🙂

  2. I agree with Donnie. Great photos and take good care of the boys there! Hampton is missing her daddy!!

  3. Ah, I especially love the one with Tony and Brett together. Life isn’t much without good friends is it? A wonderful weekend indeedy.

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