Bridge of Teribithia


Does a movie ever capture something from your childhood, a spark of the imagination of your youth.   Mike bought this yesterday with one of his birthday giftcards, and after my family left we stayed up late to watch it.   It was nothing like we had imagined and we both were big ole babies.   It hit me a little harder than him, but we still cried like little babies.  It reminded me on some of the journies I took my little sister’s on when we were little.   They love telling stories of all the places we visited in our heads.   From mountain tops, to dinasaur lands, and running from them.    They were really cows, but I had them convinced they were prehistoric monsters from “Land of the Lost”.  Check it out if you want a good cry.   It really has a good story as well, but it’s probably more of teenybob movie.  I had lunch with my family today, we went and had seafood, greasy fried seafood.  Now I’m home relaxing.   I was supposed to go help babysit the twins tonight, but I’ve been coughing and stuff really bad, and was worried I might be a bit contagious for 4 months olds.  Ole Tony should be in Orlando having fun with the Spiderman.   Boy I miss those two, they are going to be having fun with Sorted tomorrow, wish I was going to Orlando, I want to get out of town probably as much as they do.    Looking forward to seeing them this weekend, then Sunday afternoon is Mike’s nephew’s first birthday party, which we’re looking forward to as well.   Boy this year has flown by.   Well hope all have a great weekend.


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3 Responses to “Bridge of Teribithia”

  1. I saw this film in the theaters and liked it. It had a simple, quiet majesty to it. I liked how it wasn’t too “over the top” as some Disney films can be.

  2. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I did read the book in grade school. While I don’t remember the entire story, parts of it have stuck with me for nearly 30 years. I remember crying when I read the book and the feelings I felt then still resonate today.

  3. I hadn’t seen this movie yet, but after reading this I will! I hope you have a great weekend-Jeff

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