Hair is growing back


Our hair is growing back fast!  Thank goodness, on my face, and on Mike’s head.   Change, it’s something I’ve probably written about a good bit on this journal and in general.  It’s something we can be sure of in life.  I’ve been noticing how our relationships have changed.  It seems many of our friends have gone through changes in the last three years, with my family many changes as well.  My mom and sister’s and Mark are going to be in town tomorrow.   After years everything changes.  Is it how we deal with change what helps us cope with life?  People are breaking up all around us.  There are new couple’s, we’re definately not the new couple we were three years ago.   It’s our three years of being together, yes a little anniversary but I really havn’t mentioned it to Mike, but I do know it.   I’m still hopeful for us, sometimes we still have power struggles, mostly on which way we’re going, sometimes we just have to break away and go in a different direction.  I also know from experience that some times loving means letting go, no matter how hard that may seem.  It’s a lesson I didn’t want to learn but did.  So yes change is one certainty in our world.  So I feel there are still things I’m trying to let go of that seem to be holding me back.  I know this is really hard for Mike.   I can’t really tell you how he feels only how he comes across about this.  He said it was hard with us just starting out and seeing others that had worked for so long giving up.   I try to encourage him and tell him we are just us, not anyone else.  Time will always tell.  Time has told, well three years of time.   We just have to know.  I’m ready to make more positive changes in my life for me.   This back thing got me down, I’m ready to get back in a better place now that the pain is gone.   I feel happy again when Mike comes in from work, or when I come home and he’s waiting.   I’m thankful for us and the time we’ve had, and look forward to the time we will continue to have.  I keep things bottled up sometimes, and it’s hard for me to let some things out.   All and all I had a really nice day, even though I’m a bit under the weather.  I feel happy, very confident.  Just a all around good day.  Thank you God!  Bless me a lot tommorrow too!  Hope all is well with everyone! 


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4 Responses to “Hair is growing back”

  1. Grow Back! Grow Back! Grow Back! LOL

    Just a lot of hugging and kissing, understanding, communication, patience and perserverence will get you through the harder times.

  2. I’m in agreement. You look better w/facial hair. Grow it back. *G*

  3. for some reason, most times when I try to get to your blog, it causes my computer to freeze; I don’t dare try it from the laptop.
    SO when I ‘get in’ it is a minor victory! (I am trying!)

    You musn’t ask me about facial hair as I am totally biased towards the stuff.

  4. I suppose it’s redundant to say that all relationships are give and take, but it’s the truth. My partner and I have been together nine years now, and we constantly have a power struggle, but it comes down to love and commitment and understanding. I gave up a lot to move from the West Coast to Michigan to help him pursue his dream of coming home. He gave up a lot as he found out in retrospect, but it doesn’t stop either of us from living the dream that we have together, and that is to enjoy each other and the days we have together. What we have found is that our lives are always going to be in constant flux because we like to travel and live in different locales, so the Midwest is only temporary as is any place we reside. What’s not temporary is us…MTD and RJP.

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