Happy Birthday Michael

Well we celebrated Saturday night, we went to dinner with 20 of our friends, the first picture is the first picture I took of him before he got tore up.   The second one was what he surprised me with when I came home today, more on that later.   Anyway we all had a wonderful time with our friends for dinner, and then out later to the bar.   As the night progressed we noticed these three hot men over to the side.   I knew we’d never seen them around but was just having fun, then my friend Jason came over and asked did we happen to speak German, because those three guys were German, so I told Mike and he was just happy enough to go over and introduce his birthday self to them.   I just took my shirt off!   Mike got a birthday kiss from the one he talked too, I can’t believe I brought my camera to the restaurant but left it for the bar, I just didn’t want anything to happen since I was drinking.   Anyway we had fun.   The next day I went to church and we went to his sister’s house, we picked up Turk, and ate fish tacos, mojo pork, shirp kabobs, corn on the cobb, and potatos, man was it good.   Then my sister called after a few hours and told us, she and Mark, her hubby were in Jacksonville.   They came by and she surprised me with Autumn being with her.   So we left for a few hours and went and got her a boogie board so she could play in the ocean, then went and went to the Jazz festival at the beach.   After that back to Mike’s sister’s, and we left, my sister, Mark, and Autumn came back home with us, and we ordered pizza and watched Shrek.   We made it too bed by midnight.   Two days later.   Mike was still hung over.   I took Autumn with me the doctor’s for my procedure, when we came back, Mike had shaved his head, I like it but have to get used to it.     My family left, and we went to eat sushi with Mike’s mom.   When we got back, Mike got me to shave my beard, and stache, he’s never seen me without facial hair and wanted that for his birthday, although I can’t stand the way I look, it’s made him hornier than a little devil.  I look so different that he thinks he’s cheating with some other man.   Happy Birthday Mr.   I hope you all the happiness of all your dreams.   That you’ll  sense the gratitude that’s in my heart because your in my life.


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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Michael”

  1. many happy returns on this feast day of your nativity!

  2. Well you’ll just have to pretend you’re cheatin’ with another man yourself!! A bald-headed one. LOL. Here’s one for you…on your fortieth, tell Michael you want to she him completely shave down, every stitch of his body. I bet you he won’t ask you to shave again. Really laughing now…I am so bad!

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