Saturday morning

Yesterday morning I woke up and took Mike to breakfast at one of our little favorite breakfast placed “The Derby House”, he took a picture of me with my favorite waitress, Wallace she says to tell you hello.   We ran around five points afterwards at all the little shops, then came home and I gave him one of his presents, well actually I gave him two, but I can only tell you about one.   Just a little collectible that he loves.    The other present was just me.  🙂   We took naps because we knew we would have a long night and we did, more on that later.   I have to go try and get him out of the bed, he’s still not coherent and it’s 12:00 noon.   I just got back from church, Tony can you believe I made it up in time for that.    Hope I wasn’t slurring to much last night.  Yes the two Germans that were trying to make me an oreo was Gunter and Ingo and Michael was too excited about getting a kiss from Christof.   It’s always nice meeting three sexy German men.  It’s off to the beach for birthday celebration with his family now, boy is Mike hung over this should be interesting.


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4 Responses to “Saturday morning”

  1. you have such a sweet smile!

  2. OH NO DEREK….you weren’t slurring your words. You just sounded “A BIT HAPPY!!” Come to think of it, I’d have been a bit happy if two German Bears were working on me to become a delicious OREO! Are you certain they won’t be in town we I come up to see you and Mike in Two weeks? Mike can translate…hmm, come to think of it, that might not be good. He’s liable to have me being more than an OREO. LMAO!!!

  3. Hey D, thanks for the comment – glad to hear you’re enjoying what I do 🙂

  4. Looks like a great time! Especially the good home cooking.

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