Fine Friday

Well with being off work for almost a month, I go back to work on Tuesday, I’ve spent the two weeks at least being back on the computer, and catching up with folks a little more.   So it’s Fine Friday again, and I thought I’d put my old buddy Mike from California up.   Why did he have to leave Jacksonville, bigger and better things.    Yes I had the hots for this guy, but I met him before my present Mike.   He was just a youngen when I met him.   He’s turned out to be quite a nice little cub.   He’s one sweet guy, and I sure miss him, and wish I could have got to known him better.   I’m just glad I did get to know him.   Without more here he is, my old (young) pal Mike.   Check out his page over at  He’s quite the gardner, and takes wonderful pictures of his orchids.   You may see him on a mountain somewhere too, that man’s always climbing something.  I’m hoping Mike and I will make it out to visit California one day for a visit to our friends there.   Yes Tony we are going to surprise you as well

On another note sitting here on the computer I decided to start watching a new show that I never had watched.   I heard a lot about it.   I’m a new fan of it.   I love it, I laugh till I almost cry it’s so out there.   “Ugly Betty”   I love it’s humor.   I watched my first episode on the computer and just couldn’t quit watching them.  Yes I feel so butch after watching an episode.    I go from running for 5 months, and working out, to becoming a in the house invalid watching shows about fashion.   Imagine!   Seriousely I do love this show!


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5 Responses to “Fine Friday”

  1. Derek..thanks for stopping by today!

    Have a great day and enjoy getting Mike something for his birthday.

    Make sure his present is something he’ll really enjoy… 😉

  2. Mike….and Mike……sounds like the “Mike’s” have it. And it looks like they do.

  3. I need to try Ugly Betty sometime, perhaps on DVD. Oh yeah, and thanks for, um, exposing me to yonder Mike. His photos are quite appealing for purely, well, biological reasons.

  4. Ain’t he just the little exhibitionist hottie with a talent for plants!

  5. Omigawd! He’s one of my flickr and bmb buddies! And I hope when I move back to SF, I can finally meet him cause he is a sweetie.

    I guess we will always be intertwined somehow!

    Big hugs, Wallace

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