Soon to be Birthday boy

He’s getting really excited about his birthday weekend.  We’ll probably have around 15-20 for a little dinner at a sports bar and restaurant, and then head out for drinks afterwards.   It should be a lot of fun.   Then Sunday we’re doing it again with his family at the beach.  So I took a few pictures of him hamming it up last night.  More coming this weekend for sure.


~ by deveil on JuneUTCb000000amThu, 07 Jun 2007 07:07:47 +000007 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Soon to be Birthday boy”

  1. Ok Derek….Tell Mike he has 24 hours to enjoy as a bottom…otherwise I am sole top once again and it’s back to him bending over. BWAHAHAHAHA~ Fat chance he’ll be out here in 24 hours. Guess I am a shoe-in to be his lifetime top! 😉

  2. Tell Mike “Happy Birthday” for me.

  3. Hey Mike…Happy Birthday from Steve and Warren at Our View On Superior

    Have a great day and have some great sex also…it’ll make your birthday even greater! 😉

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