Coming out of the dark

picnics-386.jpgIt seems I’ve been in the dark for almost a month, ever since I got back from Georgia, and the dreaded back problems.   I’ve been medicated since then, and have been in quite the funk.   Yesterday I had my first procedure.   I felt instant relief, well although they did have my entire lower back numb for the procedure.   I came home feeling much better, I’ve only taken 2 pain pills since the procedure, which is not bad seeing that I’ve been on around 5 narcotics a day.   I felt in a daze, not connected.   Today has been great, I woke up, a little sore, just from the procedure, to be expected.   But no pain, and I’m actually walking normal, no limp, no pain shooting down the side of my leg.    I’ve had a nice day today.   I’m not sure if I posted this or not, but on Dec 31st I weighed 256 lbs.    About 2 weeks ago when I went to the doctor I weighed 214.    The lowest I’ve weighed in years.   Although  I think I have probably gained at least 10 lbs back, because when I weighed the 214 I hadn’t been eating much because of the pain.    I started eating better after that doctor visit.   I’m feeling good, I even may get Mike to take some pictures of me soon.   Mike’s birthday weekend is this coming weekend, and I’m really feeling glad that I will be feeling better for it, I was really worried.   He likes a lot of people around, especially for a celebration.   So I’m sure it should be a fun weekend.    I’ll take lots of pictures.  Thanks for all the get wells, and nice emails from everyone.  I CAN FINALLY SEE THE LIGHT.  Abby has been such a sweet little girl, it’s been nice having her around and loving on her.  Her’s one of Mike and her and one he took of her when I was sleeping on the couch. picnics-654.jpgpicnics-327.jpg


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7 Responses to “Coming out of the dark”

  1. Whew! So glad to read that everything went well with your procedure and that you’re feeling better. 🙂

  2. Oh good, I’m glad things are getting better for you. Back pain really can put you in a funk. I think you need a good massage 😉

    Have fun this weekend, can’t wait to see all the crazy photos!

  3. It was good to hear the cheerfulness back in your voice today when we talked D! I’m sure you and Mike will have a blast this weekend. Wish I cold be there this weekend to celebrate Mikey’s BD but we can do it in three weeks when I am visiting. I might just have to cook up a dinner for the four of us one night, if I can steal the kitchen.

  4. Glad to see you back to a some what normal pace.It shows in your writing!?

  5. Welcome back to the land of the living! Just do not over-do-it!! If you have to pick something up, this isn’t the time to show your ass off by bending over, USE YOUR KNEES! Agree with the guys above-there is some laughter again in your “voice”. Will keep you guys in my prayers till everything is A-OK. Remember–take it slow and easy, just like…

  6. Am glad that you’re finally feeling more at ease… Back pain can be such a mess! Rest up and take good care of yourself Derek, it can only get better!!

    Have a great birthday weekend with Mike! 🙂

  7. That is so wonderful to hear! Congrats on the successful procedure, and here’s hoping for continued good health. *hugs*

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