Memorial Day Weekend

Well I did get out of the house finally, wasn’t for long but I did enjoy it.   Sunday went to church, and went to the park with Valerie, Rochell, Aaron, the twins Ryan and Caitlyn, and Turk and Mike.   We had a nice time, those babies are getting so big, Ryan really looks a lot like Aaron did.   I wish I could post pictures but we havn’t got the new computer yet.  The next day Mike and I went to the picnic in the park, it’s a yearly thing on Memorial Day, here’s pictures from last year since I can’t post this year’s pictures until we get the new computer which should be coming soon, hopeufully this week.  I look at these pictures from last year how I held Aaron high on my shoulders, I so wanted to do the same thing this year with the twins and Aaron too, but not until I get stronger.   I did get to hold Caitlyn while I was sitting for a little bit thought, and that was wonderful.

I’m getting a bit anxious about my procedures, the first one being Monday of next week, but I’m definately ready for some relief, and having to rely on these narcotics.   I’m ready to quit taking them, everyone keeps telling me how much weight I’ve lost or how I look like I’m out of it or on something, and I smile and say well I am.   Mike ran into his ex, they havn’t talked in like seven years.   I think it was quite hard for him, he was shaking a good bit.   I finally decided to tell them to catch up and I walked over with friends.   I think they had a good talk.   I know that feeling, I remember quite well when I saw my ex one day unexpectedly, and how all those emotions come back into play, especially when there was so much that had to be released in it’s on way, and not together.    Feelings of things not said.   I believe the two of them may meet again and talk some things out.   I think they were both ready to say I’m sorry and forgive one another.  

Well I’m at the library again and my 30 minutes is about to run out, and I have to read a few more emails.   Everyone have a great week.

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7 Responses to “Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. glad the weekend finished out nicely. As usual I thoroughly enpyed my phone chat with you and Mike. Just take care of yourself until Monday’s initial treatment!

  2. Baby steps, baby steps.

  3. Glad to read your long weekend went well. I’ll have my fingers crossed that your medical procedures go off without a hitch. 😉

  4. you have a good week ahead!

  5. You get all better HOT Daddy. If you ever need tension released, you give me a call bud. I’ll be right over to help relax you. 😉

  6. Good luck enduring the narcotics for a little while longer. I hope everything goes well with your procedures.

  7. Happy you’re continuing on the road to better health. Just don’t overdue things 😉

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