Well here I sit at the library It beats laying in bed and watching HBO, which is what I’ve been doing mostly.   It’s a big library and I enjoy it, I’ve been doing my genealogy today.  I do have a genealogy website as well not sure if I’ve ever shared it or not, maybe we’re related who knows.   I am related to Tricia Yearwood.   Here’s the website.

I’m feeling much better today, Mike is working and I didn’t think I could stand sitting in the house all day, I did get out and walk a bit, still walking kind of funny, but at least I’m not in pain.   Yesterday I went and saw Pastor Linda, and we had a wonderful talk.   She always helps me see the good in everything.   I guess we have a choice in how we see everything that comes our way.    So I’m trying to see the best in everything that comes my way.   Hope all are enjoying their weekend with friends, or family, or just having lots of fun!  Back to my research!


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7 Responses to “Library”

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog.

  2. Hey Derek, wishing you well in the recovery period. Talking with someone (pastor Linda) always helps put things in perspective and helps balance and clear things up a little. Sending you big loving.

  3. Big hugs D. I have always been a little envious on the amount of info you have pulled up on your family tree. I’d probably end up having to head over to Italy and ireland if I really wanted to develop anything on my mom and dad’s sides. *sigh*

  4. Lucky you, Tricia is a good person to be related to. Sorry to hear about the back issues, but I am glad to hear about the no surgery part!

  5. Keep on feeling better! I am afraid to do my family tree…with my luck, I would be related to Pee Wee Herman!

  6. lol, I started tracking my family tree, seems I descend from a barbarous bunch of criminally minded folk.

    I hope you recover soon.

  7. Darn! I just had a nice long comment, then POOF! Gone! 😦

    I was saying that it’s cool that you do genealogy too. I do it for my family. Your genealogy site is terrific! I’m quite envious. You might already know this, but until June 6, is letting everyone search their military records for free! I managed to get some pieces of information for my tree.

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