MRI Results

Well I say with a happy heart, no surgury, no herniation!  The MRI did show I have bulging discs in L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5, with a tear in L3, and L4, causing a compression on a nerve, so we’re going to do epidurals into the spinal cords for the bulging discs, and nerve blocks for the nerve problem.  Followed my a little physical therapy.  I’m on a narcotic called Trimadol, for the pain, and the pain is much better and controlled.   All and all I’m getting better.   I’m hoping to be back to work by June 7th, I have my first procedure on June 5th.    Keep me in your thoughts, our computer crashed as well, so I won’t be able to write as much as I used to, I did however come to the library to check my mail and stuff, and to write this entry.   I’m on the mend.  Getting there day by day, thanks everyone for all the emails and get better’s, they are much appreciated.   Hope all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Oh I put more of my pictures over on a slideshow over at  if you want to check it out.


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3 Responses to “MRI Results”

  1. Happy returns to you guys too for a nice weekend. heard about the computer……darn it.

  2. Wow, all that and no surgery! Yay! I hope things continue to improve.

  3. Am glad you now know what you’re dealing with. Hope you have a speedy recovery Derek! Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend sweetie!

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