Uncle Dig-It is broke

dereks-mothersday-600.jpgelipond.jpgdereks-mothersday-497.jpgdereks-mothersday-617.jpgdereks-mothersday-049.jpgdereks-mothersday-496.jpgdereks-mothersday-457.jpgdereks-mothersday-505.jpgdereks-mothersday-044.jpgdereks-mothersday-526.jpgethan.jpgdereks-mothersday-507.jpgWell as Eli told to Ethan when he put his arms up to be picked up by Uncle Digit, “Ethan Uncle Dig-It is broke, he can’t pick you up.”  I went home Friday for Mother’s Day Weekend, my sister’s birthday and my great aunt’s 90th birthday.   I made it home no pain.   I actually had a wonderful visit with everyone.   Made it home Friday and stayed with Mama the first night, she cooked meatloaf and we stayed up till midnight talking, we woke up early the next day and had a big breakfast.   I then went over to my sister-in law’s because she had Autumn, Eli, and Ethan, they were in the pool when I got there, and of course they coaxed Uncle Digit into the pool for some splashes and fun, we had a wonderful day together, then went home to Sherry and Mark’s.  We later went to my Papa’s sister’s 90th birthday party and had fun, I got to see lots of cousins I hadn’t seen in a while.  The next day we surprised my mom by showing up at church on Mother’s Day, then went to my sister Dena’s, and had a little fishing party, saw the new little kittens, they were playing with them all day, I loved the little black one with blue eyes, then we went swimming again over at my dad’s, by bedtime I was feeling a bit sore, by Monday morning I couldn’t move.   I took a pain pill and made it home to Jacksonville, by Tuesday morning I really couldn’t even walk.   I’ve gone to the doctor twice, they think I have a herniated disc.   MRI’s will be on Monday.    So more later, I’ve been laid up all week hurting.  Mike is away in Indiana for his nephews baptism, where I’m supposed to be with him, unfortunately I’m not.  I guess the pain pill is doing o.k. cause this is the first time I’ve be online.  Keep me in your thoughts.  I also wanted to thank Cox and Lanny for taking me to the doctor’s on Tuesday and Wednesday, they definately saw me at my worst.   Hope I didn’t scare you too bad Cox.   Nothing worse than seeing a grown man scream, well I guess it depends on how they are screaming.


~ by deveil on MayUTCb000000pmSat, 19 May 2007 15:10:22 +000007 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “Uncle Dig-It is broke”

  1. Wish I could make you all better again. My thoughts and deepest prayers. Wishing you a better week ahead.

  2. You know I hurt when you do bud! I hate when my good friends are all laid up, especially when I am use to seeing them full of laughter. I love the kitten with blue eyes too!

    Now, for that last line of your post…you got that right! *eg*

  3. You seem to have more andmore back problems.

    Did you ever injure yourself?

    Have you ever considered,



    I strongly believe in this stuff if pain just appears.

    We’ll have to discuss your pictures one of these days.

    Take care!?

    Get well soon!?

  4. So sorry to read that your back is still hurting. I hope the docs can make you feel better soon. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you. 🙂

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