Have a Great Weekend

How do you love the fear out of another, how do you love the fear out of yourself? We drive fear from our families and friends by loving one another so supportively that every one feels safe inside the group.   This safety allows us to bring our humanity into the open, including all our pain and joy, our ups and downs, our victories and defeats.  So many times I put on this happy smiling face, and just try to be what I think someone else needs.   I’m agreeing, to avoid confrontation.   I hold things inside.   But what I feel is what I feel, and there is no getting around it.   If I can’t let it out, then it get’s out in some way or another.  It means you give to others the same uncommon safety God gives us – to be real, to be sad, to be messed up and confused, yet to be loved. God challenges us to be more like his son, where we love like our lives depend upon it and where we can each “live and move and have our being.”  We’re to cry as one and celebrate as one, caring for each other equally as we comfort and confront, warm and warn, cherish and challenge within an atmosphere of supportive safety.   This seems so hard sometimes.   I truly feel like I’m trying, but sometime, many times I’m challenged much more than I am cherishing.  Many people that meet me say I’m very positive, and I do try to be, but more and more, the things going through my head are far from that.   My thinking sometimes, many times get’s in negative mode.  More so lately than in the past, and maybe it’s just the back pain I was going though.   As I’m feeling much better I realize I try my best to be positive.I’ve been told many times I have a tender heart, this I know is true, I got that from my Papa, I think we give support to others because we know in our hearts that God gives us support.   I try to encourage others like we are encouraged from Him.   I wish I could be more encouraging to Mike.   It seems I try with tender heart many times to do something nice.  But we think so different that something I may try to do out of tender heart, turns into something that is just heavy heart, or no heart at all by the time it’s done, and vice versa, sometimes he tries to do things for me, and by the time it’s done, I’ve shot it down.   How do we support someone to increase their potential, sometimes by support, I feel like I’m decreasing it instead of increasing it.   I’ve always thought we strengthen someone by extending love, but sometimes it’s fear I give, maybe because that’s what I’m feeling.   I want to feel safe and sympathetic, but many times I just really don’t feel that way.Each of us is shaped for a unique purpose, so we focus on the worth of others.   Instead many times I feel like I’m hardest on the person I’m supposed to be closest too.   Many times because I’m thinking of me, and the way that I want it.   I really want to feel closer to him, but at time I feel so distant, feeling myself driven further and further by our actions.  I try looking at others sometimes with God’s eyes, loving the fear out of my family and friends-sometimes loving the fear out of those I work with, and deal with every day, or the whole world, blogworld included.   What am I saying, I try to see others for what they can be, not for what they appear to be.   Every one of you out here, the ones reading this and the ones that are not, just everyone, we all are in our purpose and mission in life.So what?  Some of you may be asking.  A voice has been telling me to write again, write what I’m feeling, what I’m thinking.   Today I’m on my way home to
Georgia to see my family.   I feel like they love the fear out of me.   I know we can do that if we try, we can allow the fear to be loved out of us.   That’s what I want in life, to be able to love the fear out of you, and you love the fear out of me.   That’s what friendship is. 
So what?All I’m saying is · It’s OK to have a bad day.
· It’s OK to be tired.
· It’s OK to admit your mistakes.
· It’s OK to say your relationship is having a lull.
· It’s OK to confess your addiction.
· It’s OK to share you’re scared.
· It’s OK to want a day away from the world.
· It’s OK to grieve this loss.
· It’s OK to doubt, to be confused, to cry.
· It’s OK to celebrate that you got a huge raise.
· It’s OK to joyfully tell us you lost 17 pounds.
· It’s OK to say you won the sales competition.
· It’s OK to shout “Hallelujah!” because God’s presence in your life is so good.
· It’s OK to tell us these things because we will be as happy for you as if these blessings had come to us, and we will join you in hearty celebration.
  Where is all this coming from, well I was told a few times my blog was kind of preachy.   So at time I have backed away from what I’m feeling.   But today this is what I’m feeling and this is what I’m writing.   I hope everyone has a great weekend.   I’m going to see my mom for mom’s Day, keep me in your thoughts for a safe trip there and back.   It’s also my sister’s birthday on Saturday.   I also have another special birthday to go to on Saturday.      Peace out!D


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8 Responses to “Have a Great Weekend”

  1. I like it; it was uplifting and cheery. thank you.

  2. Derek…who is saying your preachy. They don’t know you then (like I do). Bud…I’m sensing you may need to talk. If you do, you know where to reach me.

    No wonder I did not reach you tonight (about 7pm your time). You were already heading home to Georgia. Enjoy MOM!!!

  3. Who cares if your blog is preachy or not…it’s yours to do with as you please….Now, having said that, it may deter some readers, but who cares. We’re all adults and can filter out things we don’t need right now and collect what we do. I’ll give you a hearty AMEN to the list at theend of your post.

  4. Derek-You are not preaching…you are speaking from the heart and that is why I continue to return to read your blog and Tonys’. You guys have the balls and conviction to saw what is on your heart. Neither of you are afraid to address openly your spiritual side. I return to your site daily as there is substance to you as a person, not just a bear (OMG and what a nice one btw). Drive safely as you make your return trip south and hope your visit goes well. Allan

  5. You say what you want or need to say!!! I enjoy you if that matters lol

  6. If you’re preachy, then I must be offensively so! ahaha! Sounds like a great weekend to me. Hope you had fun and took lotza pictures!! Have a great week Derek!!

  7. You should always write what you feel, that’s the beauty of blogging. Your doubts are just like everyone else. Feelings are irrational at times, it’s ok to feel them. Hope you had a great weekend. I miss my running buddy 🙂

  8. Never give up being who you are or saying what is on your heart and mind. After all, remember this is YOUR BLOG…not someone elses. Expression is good for you and the soul. Write what is on your mind and what is on your heart – and if God inspires you to preach, then so be it.

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