Thinking about that bird

eloise.jpgBack at this old post I wrote about a bird and my grandma  It’s been five years since that bird went down my chimney.  I started thinking about that again today, but in a very different way than I did almost five years ago.  I thought of that little frantic little bird,  the chirping and flying around my house when it flew into it’s strange surroundings.   That bird was in a strange place for a bird.   Five years ago that bird meant something else to me.   It was meant as a way for me to say goodbye to my grandmother.   Today I think about it and I think about how we sometimes find ourselves in strange places and unhappy circumstances because of our nonsensce or some foolish behavior.   Sometimes we are in pain or feel defeated or unhappy.   Sometimes we’re not our usual happy chipper selves.   That is when we seem to cry out and try to get it out what we are feeling.   Thinking crying it out will make the pain go away.   Yes, o.k. I’m trying every avenue to get rid of this pain.  Being away for so long from blogging, well maybe not that long, but what seems like a long time for me.   I don’t like a place where I’m hurting, I don’t like a place where my friends like Spider may be hurting or suffering.   But I still have God, and that is who I cry out to for blessing for me and those I love.   Maybe I’m hurting lately because there is something I have to work through.   I just want all the pain to go away for everyone.  I’m crying out, I’m just waiting for an answer.  Wow that felt good!   I always feel better when I go to God.  Sometimes I feel like I’m still a little kid in my growth with God.   Like I havn’t even come close to tapping into it.   But I truly want too!   Hope all pain out there in blogworld in lessened.   Sending love, strength, and bear hugs to everyone!


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5 Responses to “Thinking about that bird”

  1. I’ll clink my glass to that “lessening of pain” thing. Everywhere, everyone, everytime.

  2. What lewis said.

    You are very much in my thoughts as is the Spiderman.

  3. I look at pain and problems as chalenges. Like you said, you might have to work on something.

    Take care D!?

    Have fun!?


  4. strength and love and lessening of pain back to you too!

  5. This was a great post. It touched me deeply. I hope you’re feeling better.

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