I’ve missed everyone!


Well, how’s life?  Monday I took off for a vacation day, to baby the back some more.   It’s still not back to 100%, but it’s getting there.   I did have to get out of the house on Monday since we were off, I took Mike on a little picnic.   I was however in pain most of the time, he even snuck in a few pictures of me, which I havn’t had in a while.   I just looked at them, and I actually liked them.  He told me to look away from the camera.   You know me I had to do one like he said, and of course sneak in one little look at the camera.  My thoughts have been a bit jumbled lately.   Sitting at work, thinking a lot of the pain.      It’s getting better finally.   I still have been second guessing myself.   I think it’s just because I’ve lost those endorphins.   Today was 2 weeks that I havn’t ran.   Crazy how not running, after I’ve been so used to it has affected my mood.   I have made myself get out and walk on my lunch breaks and after work as well.    I’ve missed blogging and writing about how I’m feeling, and what’s going on.   But unfortunately, I’ve been sitting on my ass all day at work, and laying on ice most of the rest of the time, or heating pads.     O.k. actually it’s better folks, I mean I am sitting my ass here at the computer writing this entry.   My wit probably isn’t the best, but everything is getting better.   I missed seeing Tony and Brett last week because of all of the pain.    I just can’t imagine anyone seeing me in that condition.   Or actually I was a little vain cause I was the crooked man walking like some kind of Frankenstein Dinasaur.      Hope everyone is having a great week.   Missed you guys!park-007.jpg


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7 Responses to “I’ve missed everyone!”

  1. And we miss you too! If I remember correctly, you were one of my very first blogger buddies……it’s just not the same without you around.

  2. As long as you are recovering my friend. Good to hear from you.

  3. Glad to hear things are improving. You mentioned how long it’s been since you have been running and it seems like only yesterday you were in that race.

  4. Take care of yourself first. Good to hear that you are doing just that

  5. You looking like Frankenstein…I don’t think so bud!!!

  6. Nice pic! Glad to hear you’re continuing your recovery. Once you’re back to 100%, I think you’ll be feeling much better. 😀

  7. Glad you’re feeling better! You can’t keep a good man down 🙂

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