Fun Friday


I’m switching today to Fun Friday instead of Fine Friday, we had a date night, it’s been a while folks.  Plus I need to give Gerard a break, although I did dream he was my trainer last night, Anyway I got home and I said get on your clothes we’re going out.   At first it was like dragging him somewhere, he’s not really a movie person, but I’ve been wanting to go see “The Peaceful Warrior”, and I was so glad we did.   I don’t know if it will have  a big following, it came out last week, and I don’t think it did that well.   It was an awesome movie!   That inspired and I thought the message was beautiful, I won’t ruin it for you, I’m going to go out and get the book as well.

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8 Responses to “Fun Friday”

  1. I’m glad you drug him out Derek…he needed it whether he knew it or wanted to. It was just there when I was chattin’ with him. you two keep communicating opemly. Hugs. Missing you guys.l

  2. what a good idea; we haven’t had a date night in ages either.
    I can not remember the last time we went to a movie.
    I hope you two had a splendid date.

  3. I know all about that “draggin him out thing.” It’s so easy to get complacent, settled, comfortable….and that’s all good….but, as someone said, “You gotta keep dancing.”
    Glad you had a date!

  4. Date nights are fun. I had one last night as well. Have a great weekend and take care.

  5. happy easter

  6. Have a great and blessed Easter Derek! Keep on writing and journaling…it is good for the soul, plus I enjoy reading your blog!

  7. From what I’ve seen in the trailer, I really want to see this movie. I might have to check it out while I’m up here in Chicago.

  8. Hey, first of all thanks for stopping by the blog. Yeah I saw this trailer during a movie i rented recently. It’s about the “perfect” kid who had everything going for him, and then has a car accident right and he fights hard to get back.

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