Autumn and Uncle Duck


I wasn’t really in a wonderful mood yesterday.   Today Autumn got her very first digital camera from her Uncle Derek, she’d been waiting for it to come in the mail, and it got there today.   Last year I bought Eli his first digital camera.  Let me tell you Autumn was not too happy about it either.   She looked at me and said when are you going to get me a camera.   It’ was funny for 6 years Autumn has always been my little model, not once did she ever ask for the camera or seem interested in taking pictures.   But she has grown accustumed to my flashes, I think she thought the camera was a part of my face for the first few years.   Eli on the other hand, was more of one that I had to kind of sneak up on and get shots, but he on the other hand wanted the camera to hold it, show him how to take pictures.   So when we all were down in Daytona Beach on the boys birthday’s I got him a digital camera.   Autumn as I said was none to happy, and I could see it in her eyes she didn’t like Eli having it.   Within an hour or so the camera went missing, later the next day, I asked Autumn did she know where the camera was, I just had a feeling.   She looked at me and tears welled up in her eyes and she took me into the bathroom and showed me where she had hid it, she said Uncle Derek it hurt me not to have that camera.   I smiled and I told her I would get her one for her birthday, I promised.   So it got there.   All pink with flowers on it.   They said she was having a wonderful time taking pictures with it.   So who knows maybe she will become a photographer just like her Uncle Derek.   I love her so much.   I don’t think she has any idea how much!   Or maybe she does.   She has grown so much.    I don’t have a lot of pictures of us together, these are some of the only ones, so I really like these of us.   I also added some of my favorite ones I’ve taken of her, although there are 1000’s and 1000’s that I have probably taken of her.   I love you Autumn!   Hope your birthday was wonderful.   She was the first grandchild, my first niece.    When she was little she couldn’t call me Derek so she called me Uncle Duck, she laugh’s now and called me Dig-It since Ethan is the one that can’t say my name.   Eli’s the only one that just started saying Derek, he get’s a kick out of the Dig-it too and he call’s me that too on occasion.   I love those youngens.sundayaftergateriverrun-090.jpg


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5 Responses to “Autumn and Uncle Duck”

  1. Man, that looks like one happy family….and now, they have cameras. Look out.

  2. You sound like a great Uncle Duck!!

  3. I don’t know who is the bigger kid! /Hugs D!!!!

  4. Wonderful pics, Derek! Isn’t it funny…once your nieces and nephews are born, a part of your heart is stolen and theirs forever. 🙂

  5. And they grow up so fast… Great photos there Derek.. I especially love the one where she’s looking up and holding her head! Too precious!

    Have a great weekend to you and Mike!

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