Stop Complaining

No, I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to myself.  We all complain I know, but a friend of mine Lisa sent me an article about quitting complaining for 21 day, yep that’s right, you wear this purple bracelet.  You wear the bracelet on one arm, and if you complain, or gossip, or get negative, your supposed to change the bracelet to the other arm, to just give you an idea of just how much you do it.   Got me thinking about myself, and how much I use complaining just to cope with difficult situations and life and general.   I think of myself as mostly a happy person, well I tell myself I am.   We are what we think right?   Life right now, how would I describe it.   Usually I say everything is wonderful.   Well it is what it is!   Today was trying at times.   I miss T, he’s busy with finals and I didn’t get my usual weekend chat with him.   Feeling out of sorts today.   Maybe I’m just psyching myself out because I know I have a  visit to the psychologist tomorrow, lol.   Not sure.   I feel as if I’m rambling so I will just go to bed,tomorrow will be a better day!   I just know it!   How can I feel so peaceful most days, but some days it’s just not there.   I do feel better than I did earlier.   I need a vacation!   I need some relaxation!   I’m starting to feel like I don’t have time.   I apologize that I havn’t been out there reading everyone’s blogs.   I promise to catch up the first chance I get.   I’d start reading everyone’s blogs at work, but I’m scared they may monitor what I look at on the internet.   O.k. signing out!   Hope everyone else out there is feeling peace! 


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5 Responses to “Stop Complaining”

  1. Don’t get caught at work, you never know what you may come across on a blog. Big hugs.

  2. interesting concept! Many folks don’t realize they are complaining to the trick is to ‘catch it’.

  3. Awe D….what nice thoughts. I missed not getting to talk to you too. I heard your call…it actually woke me but I was so exhausted, I just rolled over for another half hour. I needed sleep (and I knew you were going on the photo shoot). Vacation aye. Wanna hit Wash. DC.??? I am trying to figure if I can squeeze in a trip before starting to work full-time (that’s assuming I even take this job on the table…the salary offer will make or break it). I wish Spidey were well. I had wanted to get out to see him in April and make our way up to see you and Mike again. But sigh…dunno now!

  4. I don’t think you should read blogs at work either.

    As for complaining, it’s not to stop, but why you complain. Everytime you complain, ask yourself why you’re complaining. Is it justified? If so, fine. If not THEN you can look at changing your behavior.


  5. Sometimes complaining is good…it can be your “pressure release valve” on a stressful day. As long as it doesn’t become a habit, I wouldn’t worry. 😀

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