Busy Weekend

beach2.jpgbeach2blackwhite.jpgWoke up early yesterday, went for my 5 mile run, got Smoothie’s, then Mike and me got ready for our first photo shoot together.   It was an engagement shoot at the beach.   I was quite nervous.  But when they showed up, Mike and I worked together like a team and did an awesome job!   It was quite fun, and they even commented after it was over, that they somewhat was dreading it, but ended up having a lot of fun.   I really havn’t gotten to go over a lot of the shots.  I this is one of my favorite’s that I shot, what do you think, black and white or the little bit of color, with the beach in a sepia color?   I’ll post more, Mike did really good and got some great shots as well.  We went over to Mike’s sister’s after the shoot, and played with his nephew’s and visited with Tiffany.   We even made it a long night and went out.   Today we went to church, Mike’s friend Becky came with us, then we all went out to eat at “Secret Garden”.   We’ve just been relaxing since we’ve been home, I’ve been looking over the pictures.


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4 Responses to “Busy Weekend”

  1. Very very fun. We’ve not been good about going to church lately….some minor frustrations with it, and actually tried out another a while back. Ho hum. Looking forward to seeing some pics.

  2. Both of the photos are amazing! My favorite, however, is the sepia background with color foreground. The couple looks even more vibrant with the sepia background. 🙂

  3. So glad to hear your photo shoot went so well. I love them both, but the black and white one looks very classy. Good to hear you’re still running! I average about 4 miles a day. I did have to take off Thur/Fri because of rain. I know, I think you don’t let the rain stop you! lol. Have a good one buddy.

  4. I like the sepia. You too do such nice work.

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