Thinking More on Peace

rainbow.jpgThinking of peace I realize this word is so much bigger than I ever imagined.   Christmas comes to mind, how we love to hear the angelic message of peace on earth good will towards men.   To bad it’s only Christmas that we seem to want to hear this message and not every day.   Then take the first few letters of Christmas, Christ, only the Prince of Peace can bring lasting peace.  I went to bed Wednesday night after hearing Jerry’s message of peace, peaceful.   Last night it wasn’t as easy, because I made the mistake of turning on the news instead, and listening to the tradedies of the globe, both near and far away.   So I find myself going to bed, with heart full, and praying for peace once again.Maybe it’s not possible to have Peace on Earth, but peace is possible.   Peace with God, yes sometimes I’m not obedient, I wasn’t when I was little, and sometimes I’m not being big, we sin, we are human, but through my faith in His son, I’m forgiven.  I pray for forgiveness almost as much as I pray for peace.  There are so many types of peace as I wrote earlier, there’s emotional peace as we cast our cares on HIM, there is also the possibility of interpersonal peace.   Which is us loving our neighbor’s living peaceable with all.   I think this is a reality, and I think it is possible, I have faith that it is.Then we can think of global peace, I think that will only come, when Jesus returns.By our prayers and by our example, that is my prayer for peace, my prayer for all of us that we can fulfill that verse in the bible Luke 2:14  Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill towards men.    Also my favorite line in the animated version of “The Little Drummer Boy” which is probably my first memory of the mention of peace. 

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One Response to “Thinking More on Peace”

  1. Your entry today reminded of me what Ms. Ono said back in 2001: Don’t Fight For Peace. Stand For Peace.

    Yes, peace comes in many forms… May we find it in our hearts, and bring forth to others.

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