The Peace Bubble

peacebubble-122.jpgpeacebubble-095.jpgjerrypeacebubble.jpgJerry Leggett was in
Jacksonville, Florida yesterday visiting our church.  He’s the peacebubble man.  He’s also knows as the Sea Wall singer He hit the road 49 days ago on a nationwide tour, he’s also  interested in what his audience has to say than in getting us to listen.  That’s what seemed interesting to me.  He said he’s on a journey journey to hear from people who live in different worlds from me, different realities than mine, and to understand them and to learn from them.  It left me inspired to try and do the same.  I try and do this with my blog, so I definitely wanted to tell you about his message.   You can check out more on
What an awesome journey he finds himself on doing what I just dream of, with his little bubble trailer, his guitar’s, his video camera, and his beautiful message and songs.It’s funny I wrote on our buddy Brett yesterday, and then went to this yesterday, so maybe I was saying it would be a more peaceful world if we were all as compassionate as our buddy Brett.


After singing some beautiful songs, some Dylan, the Beatles, and his very own “Carsbad
Canyon” he turned the camera on us and asked us two questions: Is peace possible? What would it look like?  I wish he would have interviewed me so I decided in this entry I will try and answer this question.
The song which is on his site, “Let there be peace on earth” and let it begin with me.   We sing this song at U.C.C. and that song comes to mind.   With faith I believe we have to find it within ourselves.   This is one of the major things I have written about in the last three years in my blogs, my search for peace.   Somedays I find it some days it’s a struggle.  Also like I wrote yesterday I think with compassion we can find a more peaceful world.  I feel we are all on a journey to peace.  What would it look like?  Maybe like Heaven, I don’t think we will ever find peace here, it is possible, but I don’t think we will find it here.   I think it will be in Heaven.   Since I’ve never been in Heaven, I couldn’t really tell you what it looks like.   A earth without pollution, clean air.  True tolerance for mankind.  But mainly my mind goes to the compassion of mankind that I wrote about yesterday.  Mike took a lot of pictures but he accidentally erased all the ones of me with him, and the ones of him with him.   I think there are a few left of us in the bubble with him.  He got some great shots of Jerry though. The song that hit me the most was his message song that you can find right here.

You make strong what you think about, it’s so true.

O.k. so is peace possible to you, what does it look like, I’m not through with this entry, I feel like I have more to say, but Mike wants me to get off the computer.


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One Response to “The Peace Bubble”

  1. YOU just get it all out “D”…that darn computer hog Mikey!!! LOL.
    Sounds as if you enjoyed your evening and walked away invigorated. We all need that at times. I have to laugh seeing a portion of your conngregation all piled in that little trailer.

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