Thinking about Spider

I’ve been thinking about Spider today.   I wouldn’t say Spidee is a religious sort of fellow.   But the person that comes to mind is a story from the bible I remember as a boy.  It’s of the good Samaritan.   Spider is a man full of compassion, just like that Samaritan that made is way down the road to
Jericho and encountered a wounded Jew lying alongside the road.  Others had hurried by, too busy with their own affairs to be interrupted.   But the Samaritan, who was hated by the Jews and would be expected to pass by, “had compassion.”   He bandaged his wounds,… set him on his own animal, brought him to an inn, and took care of him.
I think about my own life, how things come into my own life in strange ways, often in the form of an interruption.   Just when we think our duties for the day are done and we are headed home for a quiet evening, someone shows up on your doorstep asking for your time, or on the street when you stop and get gas, and asks for help or money.   How often we turn, even when we see them coming.   Spider is not like that, he doesn’t look at these things as intrusions or interruptions.  Instead, he thinks of them as opportunities sent his way to serve those in need, whether it be to listen, to show love, to help someone on their journey.   He lives in the present moment. 

Sometimes interruptions are actually sent your way, try not to turn from them.   You may get something much more special out of life that you never expected.

O.k I just got back from the peace bubble, you can check it out at  I wrote these thoughts on Spider today at work, know I’m back from an awesome journey of the peace bubble, more on that tomorrow, and pictures as well.


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4 Responses to “Thinking about Spider”

  1. Hey D,
    You are so absolutely right that interruptions are many times put in our way for very good reasons….we must discover and explore their meanings and reasons. I love your insight.

  2. I think you encapsulated a good portion of Spider in your post! I so love having you guys as a group of best friends!

  3. Very sweet post. Spidey has a lot of people who care about him very much.

    You always find these really cool websites too 😉

  4. Spider certainly gives us a good example to follow. Very nicely written.

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