300 Workout


I found this interesting, it’s about the workout of the 300 Spartan soldiers, check it out at

Click here: 300 Yes this movie stays on the brain, last night I think Mike was even thinking about it, we dressed up as Spartans in our heads.  Here’s another interesting story on Gerard Butler’s workout for the movie Click here: http://www.netscape.com/viewstory/2007/03/11/the-300-workout-from-gerard-butler/…

O.k. enough enough about 300, my week is going good, I came home to something so nice and relaxing today, a clean house, yep a clean house.   Mike cleaned, and I mean he cleaned, if there was a empty roll of t.p. I’m sure he even changed it.   This was probably one of the nicest things I can imagine, even better than breakfast in bed.   But not better than last night.   Love me some Spartans oh yeah! 


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2 Responses to “300 Workout”

  1. I think I really need to go see this. I haven’t heard such a rumble in the gay community since Gladiator came out.

  2. Thanks for this link. It was a great article. I loved the movie and can’t wait to get it once it comes out on DVD.

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