Sunday thoughts


Today my family met my church family.  I picked them up for church this morning.  Everyone was with me, we had a whole pew to ourselves.   I can just say it felt so good for my family to be there with me, with my church family.   We sat behind Cox and Gavin, my mom says that’s the handsome man we saw down by the river yesterday.   Everyone was so welcoming to them, that I realize why I love my church family so much, then I heard my sister whisper into our pastor’s ear, how special this place is that we have here, so I realize how special my birth family is too.   Just having them there to recognize it as well meant so much for me.   Linda’s sermon was just what we all needed in our special way.   After the service, we met Valerie, Rochelle, Aaron, the twins, Cathy, Laurie, Turk, Mike, and I, along with my family all went to the park and had a huge picnic.   I went to publix, and got plenty.   I guess we made our own version of a Publix commercial.  The food and company was so good.   This is the first time my family got to come in some while, so it was nice they got to meet my friends and church family.

More pictures from today over at


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7 Responses to “Sunday thoughts”

  1. I know exactly how you feel having your family at church with you. Doesn’t happen very often….but, wow, when it does it’s awesome. Good for you guys! And, I’m boo-hoo’ing along with you about Tuesday’s dinner and your not being there. Another time and place, my friend.

  2. Love that everyone could be there for you and your brother ran in the race with you. I had to laugh you are very tan especially next to your brother, LOL. So what’s your next race? Maybe your blogger buddies can come and cheer you on.

  3. Hey, I just stopped by to see how it’s going. Glad the run went well and great to have a good time with your family. I somehow missed something about the church and church family, let me know about it, there’s a side of you I’m missing!
    Love, Adrian

  4. Love the pics as always…Geeze, Mike is looking like he could be a ‘papa.’ LOL it really looks and sounds as if this weekend was a special one. I’m happy for you bud…you deserve it as always.

  5. Congrats on the run. The family you have is phenominal and the love shared is very evident in the pictures.

  6. I feel sorry for those people who don’t have a gay or extended family to share time with. I moved to Wyoming thinking that I’d never have anyone but my partner and maybe one person to call friend. Hell…it’s a veritable party here at chez gay now. My mother is jealous of the family I’ve built for myself, that’s saying something 🙂 You’re a lucky man mister. Enjoy every single moment.

  7. Great photos…I loved them. You’re lucky to have an open & inviting church. 🙂

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