Happy Birthday Dena

derkdena.jpgdenabubble.jpgdenah.jpgdena.jpgdena44.jpgscan10028.jpgdenalittle.jpgYear after year, I search for a way to tell her how I feel about her and everytime I wonder if it hasn’t all been said before. I try doing this with my family. But this year is extra special because it contains all the prayers in pictures that I got printed in a childrens book for my sister for her birthday.  I loved it and think it turned out wonderful.   She said she loved it.  I thought I’d share some laughter that we all have shared through photos. This is to remind me of how unique our family is and to tell her that she could never, ever be replaced in my life. It is to let her know how much I appreciate her. It’s a thank-you for every time she has shared a worry or tear, prayed for me,
every time she listened and been the only one who understood,
and I always left with a smile. It’s to tell her that she being my sister is one of the most important in my life and that she is not only my sister, but a sweet and dear friend. We all love you, Dena, and hope your birthday will be the beginningof a year of happiness and joy and faith.  Yes she ate dogfood when she was little, I always joke her about that.  I was a jogger when I was a teenager, and she would always join me on her runs, and it always amazed me how this 10 year old could keep up with her 16 year old brother.   She runs now just about as much as me.   She always loved riding on the back of the motorcycle with me too.
 I think about all the changes in life. Time has a way of changing things. But one constant with my sister Dena is the joy she brings in our lives.


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6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Dena”

  1. Happy Birthday Dena! What a nice way to express how you feel about her!

  2. What a beautiful post about your sister. Your gift was so thoughtful too. That had to get you some extra brownie points. Dena’s birthday has me beat by one day. Good luck with your race, looking forward to hearing about it!!

  3. Very touching post. The love you share is awesome. Happy Birthday Dena.

  4. Hey Big Guy! Sorry I haven’t been by in several days. Swamped…can barely manage to get a post up on my blog. Beautiful post and tribute to your sister. Enjoyed your other post on HOME. Geeze, this weekend is the big run. Have a great time and I hope you get a personal best out of it. I’ll have to try to call you later today (Friday). What time are you off work?

  5. What a sweet tribute to your sister. She is very lucky to have you in her life!

    Good luck this weekend!

  6. Love the pictures!! It’s wonderful how close you and your sister are, and you not taking one bit for granted. Happy belated birthday Dena!! You both are very blessed to have each other!

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