What Makes a House a Home

Spider posed the question yesterday http://richmondspider.wordpress.com/ What makes a House a Home?

I think it’s much like what a church is suppose to be or sanctuary,  not just the physical of it, the walls but the church being the people that supported it.  I like Spider’s entry here.  I feel very comfortable.  Made me think of home, I mean what is Home to me.  It has the shelter that keeps out the rain.  The carpet on the floor that keeps out the cold.  But it’s so much more than that to me.  It’s where what is right, good, and kind.  Home has changed a lot for me over the years.  The home I grew up in.  It hold many fond memories.  It’s where my sister Sherry lives now.  New memories are being made in it every day.  I look at a picture of it in my head and I think of the laughter and the tears.  It was where happiness was shared and our sadness eased.  Money didn’t seem so important back then.  Loving kindness was more important.  It is natural for me to look back and recall many wonderful memories.  I think about all I’ve encountered in the past, the people whom I shared days, months, and even years of joy but no longer see.  Where are they?  What are they doing, thinking, Why could I not keep them in my life?  I still feel like I’m searching for home.  I know I can always go back to this place with welcome arms.  But I’m still searching for my own home.  I’m also still searching for so much!  I’m happy for what I have found.  Keep blessing me Lord!  Hope everyone is happy in their homes. 


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One Response to “What Makes a House a Home”

  1. Such fond memories I have of the “four walls” that i grew up in. And we continue to create those inside of four new walls even today. The structure, as important as it is, isn’t really the means to an end. It’s such a wacky combination of people, places, events, good and bad things…..and so different for each person.

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