Night Run

running-019.jpgrunning-018.jpgrunning-017.jpgrunning-016.jpgrunning-014.jpggrrolsenbig.jpgI just got back from my 7 mile run.   Tonight was the first night I actually ran with my glasses at night.   Boy was it different, I never realized how damn blind I really am.  It was a beautiful night on the river.   The water was like glass.  The lights so beautiful.   I’ve already used up all my space, 100% of 50MB, so it won’t let me add pictures anymore, just when I was going to post that HNT of me with my shorts off that I took under the bridge.   I did purchase another 5 GB, but it’s still not letting me add, but who knows maybe by tomorrow it will let me add pictures again, I sure hope so.   I really enjoy adding pictures.   But I’m guessing it must have a 24 hour wait before it goes through although when I go down to buy more, it shows it has gone through.    I’ll check back tomorrow.   The run was really nice.   I can’t believe I’m only about 12 days away from the run.   Feeling good.   Mike said I make him tired just watching me.   I got home from running, threw clothes in the washing machine, washed dishes, started dinner, salmon, asparagus, and rice.   Now I’m online.   Got to look at some sexy pictures of a hot blogger earlier as well.   Boy does he have sexy legs.   You guys out there are just going to have to guess.   Maybe next year he can get those sexy legs to Jacksonville and run the Gate with me. 

O.k. guys, I’m ready for the run, but I don’t want anyone thinking I’m some fast runner.  I’m not, I’m 6’4″ tall, I havn’t weighed lately, I’ll put that in later.   But I’m not fast at all.  For me it’s not about time, because I won’t be anywhere close to the front of the pack of 10,000 runners, I’ll probably be like 6000 out of 10,000, we’ll see.   Just think of me on March 10th, and send me some good vibes.   Oh you can vote for this year’s Logo at   I’m voting for #2, I like it the best.  Well I’m actually winding down, the clothes are about dry, and it’s time for me to take a warm bath and chill.  Hope everyone is having a great week.   Well I guess I wrote my entry to fast. I now can post pictures again, I have 5GB more of photo space, wonder how much that is?  Well since I have a more, I’ll give you a few shots of what I see when I first start running.  I see the bridge from a distance first while I run on the river.   I then pass the Cummer Musuem of Art and all it’s beautiful trees, then the next thing I know I’m right under the bridge you see in the first picture at a distance.  Then I go under the bridge and hit the start of the riverwalk, it starts getting scenic then.  I’ll only post one more picture, but after going under the bridge this is the first view of the city you see.   O.k. guys looks like the pictures are working again, guess that means I owe you a HNT  tomorrow.


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4 Responses to “Night Run”

  1. hohoho
    i am falling into the delusion you are doing the running for me; time to get out and do some myself.

  2. I can only admire anyoe who actually gets out there and runs in an event. Speed has nothing to do with it.

    Roll on Thursday 😉

  3. Best of luck with the race! You sound like you’re well prepared. Great photos too!

  4. It is not so much that you run. It is what you make of the running experience that is so great to read…. 🙂

    And thank you for your nice comment about….um….my bicep.

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