running-003.jpgrunning-004.jpgrunning-013.jpgpcjax068-002.jpgrunning-011.jpgrunning-006.jpgWelcome to Running with Derek, I thought I’d start showing you a few pictures from my little run’s on the river, every couple of days.   The run starts off with my stretching, I go right over by the river in Memorial Park.  My favorite statue “Winged Victory” it’s a World War Veterans statue, and quite beautiful to me.   I live right up the street from it and this is where I start my run’s each day by a little meditation and stretching under the beautfiul trees as you can see here.  You are usually among artists painting, children flying kites, and other runners stretching and running.   I always start my runs here.   Today was beautiful.   The breeze was nice, and as you can probably tell, I’m feelin much better.   Remember I’m getting better and better every day in every way.    I ran six miles today, but today I’m just going to share pictures from my warmup area and where my run starts, and from the postcard you can tell it just runs right along the river.   I know my body is getting more accustomed to tempo runs, I’m surprised how fast this weight is dropping.   March 10th isn’t far away.  My mom, sister Sherry, and brother Lance, along with niece Autumn are coming down for the whole Gate weekend, so this is something to look forward too! 


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  1. I want to come back to Jacksonville. I love it’s quaintness!! But put me on the city board and I’ll have the city booming and hopping. So much darn potential!!! Hmmmm! That green shirt looks familar. Like I have seen it another location or picture. Throwing some hugs ou to you and Mike.

  2. you can be proud of so much; but add running/exercise to the pile
    keep that going.

  3. Very woofy new blog pic Derek! I am adding your new link to my blog after I had the unfortunate incident of seeing a lot of T and A from your former blog address. (LOL) I love your beard. I am growing a 6 day old one now. Let’s see if I can keep it without messing it up. 😉

  4. That looks like a really great place.
    No wonder you feel inspired to run.

    Congrats and keep at it.

  5. Great pics. Your run is a lot more scenic than mine. I just have a grassy knoll

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