footprints.jpgI’ve started this training schedule, and I’m try to not let life intervene.  What do I mean you ask?   Well I’m not letting myself catch this cold, I refuse too, although I felt crappy all day at work.   It started this morning.  Mike is finally feeling better.   Although I’m achy and feeling kind of yuk, I got home and ran my 4 miles.   It made me feel pretty good, maybe it was the high from the cold medicine.  No lectures please, but I think I had the best run ever.  What is it with colds? It’s a simple attack on the body–coughing, runny nose, maybe a sore throat–I have a sore throat more than anything, I refuse to let this drain me. No fever, no loss of appetite.I had wonton soup tonight that I picked up.   I don’t get sick very often, but when I do I’m a wimp. Mike and I are completely the opposite, he wants to be nursed, I want to be left alone. Maybe it’s because I’m just stubborn that way. I really don’t feel bad, I refuse too, my body felt like it disappeared, and my thinking self went to sleep. I became a smiling zombie.  We’re about to watch “Prestige”

At this point, I’m trying to make sure I’m well enough to not miss any work, I’m proud to say I havn’t missed any days this year.  I’m so tough that I ran 4 miles.   O.k. I guess I better not be too sure of myself.   A few minutes ago, my reflection in the mirror showed a bedraggled soul. I really need to pull myself together. At least the weather was nice tonight, which helps me rebound faster and keep my spirit happy. After watching me bury my face in tissues today, I’m sure grateful it’s not worse than it is.  Note to self, “I’m getting better and better every day in every way!

Footprints, originally uploaded by swishphotos.


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  1. hohoho
    taking the christian scientist approach weems to work, ask many of that ilk. You ‘unsee’ it or something.
    good luck – and get fluids/sleep.

  2. Just take care of yourself bud! Man, I’d work Mike to the hilt if I had pampered him while he was sick. The heck with wanting to be alone. Work it boy, work it.

  3. Great job on the running, I wish I had your stamina! Well I say as long as we listen to our body, we really can’t go wrong from there. Drink lots of liquid and I hope you’re feeling much better today Derek! xoxo

  4. I am totally impressed with you, and others like you, who put their foot down and refuse to let bad things happen. “The answer is NO.” Go away! I dig the attitude, the resolve. Right on. BTW…..I’m trying to get to Orlando for dinner on Tuesday March 13….any remote possibility you can get there? Probably not…just thought I’d ask.

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