Sunday thoughts

cathys-party-136.jpgcathys-party-124.jpgcathys-party-148.jpgcathys-party-115.jpgcathys-party-114.jpgcathys-party-128.jpgcathys-party-104.jpgcathys-party-122.jpgamanda.jpgcathys-party-135.jpgcathys-party-154.jpgWell Spider has helped me transfer my old blogger posts over here, so just have to go through and put them in catergories, or maybe not.   Church was good today, I was the litergist again today, was a bit nervous.   Afterward was ready for our appointment, but Mike and I were quite dissappointed, the couple never showed up or called or anything to let us know they weren’t coming, not sure what happened.   We went over to Cox’s later, and he, Earl, Mike, and I went to see Norbert.   It was funny, but like with a lot of comedies they saved the best for the commercials.  Here’s a few more pictures from last night over at Cathy and Laurie’s.  We had such a wonderful time, it was a Valentine’s Day party for 8 couples, we had so much fun, played games, we putted in the hallways, played blackjack, basketball, and darts in the gameroom, and there were some awesome prizes, we won a bottle of Dom, yes Dom!  The dinner was delicious, steak, shrimp, salad, potatoes, and lots of munchies and martini’s throughout the night.   It was so pretty out by where they live, Mike and I stopped and had a little photo shoot of each other at sunset which we both enjoyed as well.  I may do a post of those later.


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5 Responses to “Sunday thoughts”

  1. Great photos and I’m glad I know where to actually link to you now! Have a great rest of your weekend.

  2. FYI, You have Matt linked as Brettcajun, below 🙂

  3. In case your timer hasn’t poped out yet. Your done! Next to you Mike really needs some color.

  4. I love Pete’s comment…leave him to be blunt and silly at the same time. That’s my boy! HEHEHE!

    I can’t believe the nerve lack of consideration of some people with common courtesy on calling for a cancellation. If they come back, charge them double.

  5. Glad I could help! Love the pics and PLEASE post the ones of sunset… so tell me handsome – WHICH ONE is going to be your main blog – I am SO CONFUZED…

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