Heading out, had my 6 mile run today.

derekleg.jpgI woke up this morning, ran to the store and got some batteries for the ipod, then got Mike a bacon and fried egg sandwich.  I got up from a warm bed, and a warm man to tackle the brisk cold on this Febuary morning.  I had heard it was going to be warm, so I had to add a layer to my original running attire.    It was really a quiet morning, today was my first 6mile run.   The squirrels were out seemed I saw at least a 100 of them in peoples yard, they didn’t seem scared of me though and run which I thought was strange.  I ached and ached all night,  even had to get me a Goody’s body ache powder, was a little worried about running six miles.  But it was perfect.  I’m not sure if it was the brisk wetness and coolness, all the pink’s and purple and blue’s.  It was truly beautiful, the first mile my shin’s were killing me but by the top of the bridge I was feeling good and the 6miles turned out to be a nice run, I even sprinted the last 1/2 mile.    Well we’re heading to a dinner party for 14 with our friends Kathy and Laurie, so have to run.


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5 Responses to “Heading out, had my 6 mile run today.”

  1. Congratulations my friend.
    I want to start the same on Monday.
    But here cold means cold.

    Longjohns, gloves and a hat.

    I’ll let you know how I’m doing.

    Congrats again my friend.

    I hope to do 6 miles one day too!?

  2. […] good with my running every morning, today marking my 3rd day this week that I ran 6 miles. I think Derek is becoming my virtual running partner; he’s hit 6 miles as well. Alexis, my new 3D running […]

  3. LOL. I guess my post about us both running 6 miles is referenced here already. Gotta love WordPress.

    Keep up the running, you look HOT in shorts!

  4. I second to what Jason said, well the latter part! *woof woof*

    Have a great week to come!

  5. Um look at those legs. Keep it up.

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