Cool new photography website

No one appreciates the male body more than me. 🙂 I am constantly looking through different photography sites, and other sites, so I thought I would start doing a site of the week. I just recently found Scott’s website Check it out, he’s an awesome photographer! And a handsome man as well! He definately makes you appreciate the male physique.


~ by deveil on FebruaryUTCb000000amThu, 08 Feb 2007 02:22:00 +000007 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “Cool new photography website”

  1. I love Scott’s work and have known about it for nearly two year’s. I got to his blog off the very first blog I ever read and was hooked on…the guy that eventually hurt me and that I blogged about when I first started posting.


  2. Sardonic Bomb is one of my most favorite sites… he is a daily read for me… his photography website is great but his daily blog is even better…

  3. Thanks for the direction. Hot stuff.

  4. Derek, do you furnish a cold shower with your posts? Enough said.

  5. Derek, thanks for leting us know about this website. Like you, I also enjoy the male physique and like Scott’s website.

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