Your so gay, I bet you think think this post is about you

Yes, I’m so gay that I live in 13th gayest zip code in Florida, 32204, it’s actually the gayest in Jacksonville. According to the 2000 U.S. Census based on a percentage of same-sex couples. It’s probably risen quite a bit since 2000 too, I actually wasn’t even in this zipcode in the year 2000. I thought we actually could do much better than 13th. But hey that’s cool. Isn’t it wild how the gayest parts of town are usually the thriving creative, artsy part of town. Maybe we are the missing link. Diversity is supposed to be good for a company, or a city’s bottom line. I wonder what it would be like living in a zip code that is #1? I remember growing up, I always knew I was gay. I remember my best friend Tommy buying the “Village People” albumn. I stared at it for hours. I wanted to live where the Village People lived. I wanted to live where I could be myself. I think that’s probably why I left that little town in Georgia.


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4 Responses to “Your so gay, I bet you think think this post is about you”

  1. OK – where do I go to find this info – I bet MY ZIP code is gayer than yours… 😉

    The question is – WHICH Village Person did you want to be?

  2. Well, I lived in same zip code as the Indian (Felipe Rose) up until about a year ago when his partner kicked him to the curb… I have to admit, when I first moved here there may have been an encounter with said Indian… but I really did not think he was who he was when it happened… gotta love booze… So I guess I am gay…

  3. no doubt where you are, is the Village People – in a metaphorically sense.

  4. I always wanted to do the construction worker Village Person.
    Yeah, and is there a reference book for gay zip code rankings?

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