Lack of Sleep

Man I don’t ever want to experience this one again, I woke up Thursday night around 1:00 with the worst headache I’ve ever had, painful, I stayed up from 1 till 5:30, and slept about a total of an hour, yesterday at work I was a zombie, total zombie, I think I could even see dead people. I got home took an hour nap before Mike and I went out with Cox and his Virginia fuzz cub G. I was a little ornery before we left, and of course we were about ready to shoot each other, but somehow things came together, and we survived. We ended up having a lot of fun with the guys, I was looking forward to coming home and crashing which I did, but was awakened by a bear around 4:30, which in my sleep, and I don’t remember any of this, I think I shot the bear, with my mouth. “I can’t believe you would wake me up at 4:30 knowing I havn’t slept. Then I was awake, and not a happy camper, all he could say is I’m sorry. Which he was, he drank way too many Mojito’s and Rolling Rock beers. So finally my anger subsided and sleep came, I could have laid there in bed all morning but I’m up, I have 4 miles to conquer today, and hopefully some other things. Mike called in sick today, so maybe we can be peaceful today.


~ by deveil on JanuaryUTCb000000pmSat, 27 Jan 2007 15:47:00 +000007 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “Lack of Sleep”

  1. actually, if you sleep deprive someone for more than 36 hours, the person can start to hallucinate and see people.
    Please do not try this at home.

  2. That lack of sleep is a bitch… hopefully the rest of today has been better…

  3. i know the “lack of sleep” feeling and its not a great one. hopefully you are more rested by now..good luck.

  4. I don’t do the no sleep thing very well either. Maybe you’ll get well rested tonight.

  5. I have had days like that, they suck, and even after work, it never fails you have crap to do so you can’t even go home and sleep LOL…

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