Entry sparked by thinking of my promnight

When I was a senior in high school, the big prom finally came, I was very excited about it. But this entry is not about the prom, it’s of a memory on that day. I was all dressed up, white tux, and she was decked out with the beautiful dress. My little brother whom I guess was probably about 5 or 6 thought I was getting married, because they were taking pictures of us outside as he watched. So after he asked we just went with it and told him yes we were going to get married, his next question was can I have your room. I laughed and said sure. Well when I got home from prom, my mom surprised me saying I thought you went to get married? Lance moved into your bedroom so you don’t have a room anymore. Lance, never really having his own room, went from baby bed, to sleeping sometimes with Sherry and Dena, sometimes with me, to sleeping in a little twin bed they put in the dining room. I think he was a little upset when he found out I really didn’t get married, because I think he really wanted that room. Actually poor guy didn’t get his own room I guess to some time later. Dena got my room when she was in the 8th grade, when I went to college. I guess when Sherry went to college, he got his own room. It makes me think of my favorite comic strip when I was little, “Peanuts”, when Lucy had just broken the news to Linus that children cannot live at home forever, they grow up and move away. Then she said that when he left she would get his room. But Linus quickly reminded her that at some time she too would have to leave home. When this hit home with Lucy, she was shocked, but she quickly came up with a solution. She turned the TV up loud, crawled into her beanbag chair with a bowl of icecream, and refused to think about it.
Oh how Lucy I am, I love to avoid unpleasant circumstances. But it’s not as easy as Lucy thinks. Life’s realities cannot be avoided. We may try to run and hide, but struggles and trials have a way of dogging our footsteps and eventually catching up with us. I guess Linus was always my favorite “Peanuts” character though.
Instead we should face up to our problems. Sometimes it may be frightening, but we just have to trust God.
I read from Psalms this past week at church, I was the litergist on Sunday, I love Psalms, I think it’s always been one of my favorite books of the bible.

Psalms 56:3 Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in YOU.

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6 Responses to “Entry sparked by thinking of my promnight”

  1. I can remeber moving my stuff into my big brothers room. Even though I had my own room his room was huge. For me I felt like I was growning up.

  2. i like the tie in between peanuts and psalms. i think you can learn alot from the peanuts gang. snooppy was always my fav…dancing with his nose up in the air and able to live all his fantasy careers. btw, i didnt get my own room till one of my two brothers went away to school. i was in my teens by then..and had about 2 years till i went away to school..not much time to reap the benefits.

  3. I can’t ever say I had my own room until I bought my first place in Redwood City some 14 years ago. I shared a room with a bother and sister when I was very little, with two brothers once my parents added an additional master bedroom to the other end of the house, with a roommate in college, with one brother when I graduated and moved back home up until I finally got the nerve to take the money plunge and buy a house. I miss my own private space…house and all. Thanks for sharing yet another life story. Curious bud…while you were out on that prom date were your eyes wondering elsewhere, if you know what I mean? PS. Tell Mike Cox I said hi!

  4. Psalms rock! Definitely could use more of them in today’s world. We’re on our cruise starting tonight…see today’s post. We’ll be in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow! So close, and yet so far. Cheers to you guys.

  5. most people (I think) believe in God but they have a hard time trusting Him; can’t quite take their hands off the metaphorical steering wheel and let him drive. including me.

  6. Prom?

    Prom: I met one of my female friends outside the school for my junior prom. I didn’t go to my senior prom. Do I miss it? Maybe. But I’d rather have the chance to go to a “second chance prom” where you can go and take someone that you’d rather be with (I should have done that during my short stint near Charlotte, NC.).

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