I’m no Nadia

Gracefully as Nadia I clean the house, actually, I’m no Nadia, I’m sore today, I ran 4 miles yesterday, and I’ve been cleaning house today, and I’m really sore, just got back from eating a quick lunch. I talked to busy man Tony today, poor guy, everyone send him some luck. Speaking of Nadia makes me think of many moons ago, my friend David and a couple other friends had rented a beach house for Memorial Day for a weekend. The weekend was wonderful, many friends stopped by the whole weekend, we ate like kings, I ran on the beach every morning. The weather was perfect. We actually had rented it for like 8 days, and had decided to have a party on the last Saturday that we were staying there. It was quite a gatering, lots of people, lots of food, and lots of drink. I’m a light weight, and rarely drink liquor drinks, but for some reason that night I did. Guess I was feeling festive. Well the drinks, mixed with a 15 minute dip in the jacuzzi, everyone decided they were going to walk down to the beach. There was about a 20 foot boardwalk down to the beach from the beach house, and me always craving attention jumped up on the rails, I was boasting of my wonderful balance skills, jumping in the air and landing perfectly on the rail. Skipping, then right as I almost was at the end of the 20 foot rail almost ready for my dismount, it happened right after I said look everybody I’m Nadia Comaneci, one leg got tangeled on the other and down I came on the rails. With a much higher voice I said “I’m o.k.” I really wasn’t. The rest of the night I spent with a bag of ice between my legs. I scraped up my legs pretty bad too, and when I fell off afterwards, I hit my head on the trash can. Mostly my pride was hurt, I wasn’t so crazy about a lot of attention anymore after that day either. I’m no Nadia! Not even close, alcohol can make you think crazy things.

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6 Responses to “I’m no Nadia”

  1. Good job on the running Nadia 😉

  2. its funny what a few drinks can make us think we can do. it made for a good story, especially since the pain is so far behind you.

  3. Why is it that when everyone is looking is when we sometimes look our worst? I’m enjoying all your posts-especially the one looking back on the past that you posted on your other blog…

    Hope your next dismount goes far better!

  4. Bet you can hit those high notes now real easy. LMAO! I would have paid to see that routine and the DISMOUNT. Hehehe!

  5. Sounds like one for AFV – a nut buster and a garbage can hit. Where are those camcorders when you really need them?

  6. Ouch, my balls are in my throat just thinking about it. When you feel sympathy pains from this event have Mike kiss them to make them feel better.

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