By George I think I may have It


I got home and came home to a sweet man waiting, he had cleaned, cooked, and even grocery shopped, boy was it nice.   I did go for my 2 mile run on the river before we ate.   Now I’m showered, and relaxing, I think I may finally be getting this maybe, I hope so anyway, we’ll see, I still know I have much to do with it, but this is a start.   We watched “The Celestine Prophecy” last night, I enjoyed it, but I think I enjoyed reading it better, it wasn’t quite as much as my imagination when I read it.


~ by deveil on JanuaryUTCb000000amWed, 17 Jan 2007 01:09:12 +000007 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “By George I think I may have It”

  1. I am LOVING the new look – and I really love the banner picture… you two are just too sweet…

  2. Very nice, the look of this here blog. I am glad you had a nice day today. What did Mr. Mike cook for dinner? I hope it wasn’t chick fil A, LOL. I just don’t picture Mike as very domestic.

  3. Hola Senoir!

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