Jim and Billy’s After Holiday Holiday Party Pictures

Well as many of you know I’m a big Dolly Parton fan, so you know meeting Dolly was really the highlight of the party, I’m so glad Ms. Ruby Diamond and she are such good friends and she was able to introduce me. We really had a blast, although Mike was the one that got to drink since I was the designated driver, I had a great time, I just would have loved to have let my back hair down a little more. Jim and Billy were great, they really had opened up their home for us. The food was wonderful. There was little camera’s in their bathrooms, so you know I had to take a picture of something when I was in the bathroom. I made sure my shoes weren’t showing so no one would know which one was mine. Mike had the itch to go out since I had gone out Friday night, so he got ready to go, Jim and Billy gave us two cute little bear ornaments and we headed out to 616 to meet out some other friends. I’ll have to take some jock pictures of myself since noone took any of me. Hope everyone has a great week.

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4 Responses to “Jim and Billy’s After Holiday Holiday Party Pictures”

  1. DAMN that looks like a good time… were ALL the men there that hot! And Tony and I would have taken picture of you in your jock had we been there… is there a chance that you could put names to fuzzy faces in the pics so in the future we will know who you are talking about – if you don’t mind Sir… and is that some red hair that I see in the dude with the “crazy bitch” t-shirt on?

    Maybe it is a good thing that Tony wasn’t there – I would have NEVER gotten him back to Orlando!

  2. OMG, any way they will share the pics from that camera. LOL. Glad you guys got a nice nap in and had some fun.

  3. Too much eye candy! Woof!

  4. Taking pics in the bathroom aye! Shame! lol. There are a few familar faces in the bunch there (from the bar) including Mr. Furry Chest (that was John, right?).

    Who is the full-bearded hunk in the picture,” third from the bottom” picture that is?

    Of course Mr. Corvette Man in the earlier post from Sunday is looking pretty dashing too.

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