Church and Dinner over at Turks

We went to church this morning, boy I’m glad all I had to drink was two beers, I felt pretty good, we (the choir) sang “We Shall Overcome” today, I thought we sounded really good, we had a nice crowd. I love our choir director Ms. Marion, she’s in her 80’s and just the sweetest lady. Mike took these two of Mike and Marion today at church.
It was a really great service. After that we went over to Turk’s house, he had Mike, Rochelle, Valerie, Steve, little Aaron, and I over for a grill out, we had fun, but I know Valerie is so ready to have those twins. Here’s a few pictures from today as well. I love first one at the top I got of Aaron, and the one of him sticking his fingers in Mike’s ear when he was watching television.


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6 Responses to “Church and Dinner over at Turks”

  1. How cute is that little guy? Love the pics.

  2. Love it! So cute.

  3. As usual – great pictures!

  4. I love the finger going into Mike’s ear. HEHEHE!Sounds like you had a great weekend! Me…very very late nights and still no completion of my project…class tonight. Yikes.

  5. Awesome photos as usual….

    I love the Choir director at my church….so does his partner Frank…. LOL

  6. OK, let me get this straight: You went to church and are thankful you only drank two beers? Hum. I’d be singing “We shall overcome” too.

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