A beautiful Sunday

Aaron is such a little cutie, we had a wonderful Sunday, wish Tony and Brett could have stayed one more day, they would have seen a side of Mike they would have not recognized. Today Mike gave our church the video he edited with music of all the pictures we have taken over the past year of everyone in our church, and he did the church picture today as well. I took some cute ones of little Aaron as well, and love the way they turned out, he’s such a happy little guy! Those eyes just get me! Turk, the girls, Mike, Aaron, and I went out to Kickback’s after church, but we had plenty of fried chicken after church that people had brought. I’m missing Spider and Tony. I really enjoyed their visit so much, they both are the real thing guys, just as genuine as they seem, and yes, T is the kind of guy you could bring home to your mom, they both are! Hope everyone out there has had a wonderful weekend. And are looking forward to a great week! I posted all the pictures I took today over at http://journals.aol.com/deveil/CelebrationofMyExhistance/


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6 Responses to “A beautiful Sunday”

  1. Derek – thank you and Mike for such a wonderful time this weekend… it could not have been any better! We wish we could have stayed also – had we know there was going to be Fried Chicken I could have talked Tony into it I bet!

    Aaron is SUCH a cutie – and I am glad things went so well at church today! And yes, he IS someone you could take home to meet Mama… me however, I am a totally different story – more like Mike! LOL

    Thanks again for everything – and give the pup a scratch for us!

  2. What a cutie!

  3. What gorgeous pics of such a sweet little guy. He’s indeed fortunate to be surrounded by such love.

  4. That little aaron is cute and how hot is Mike when he holding the little cutie. I missed seeing pics of you.

  5. BTW – who is the little fella with the BIG BROWN EYES – he is adorable!

  6. Can we just gooble up that kid. He get’s cuter by the minute. Great pics over at Celebratrion of MyExhistance!

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