Sign of today

Not that I will find a sign everyday, but I did have one today. On my lunch break, I finally got in the gym, I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes on 5.5, had a little burn going too, I was looking for that sign, I thought it may be big, so I watched on the way to work, nothing, then after a run on the treadmill, and a little workout, I changed and took another route back to work, my gym is right by my work. On my way through to my work’s parking lot is a lot of trees and shrubs, that I’ve never really noticed, but I saw this bud, a very small bud, and it brought back much too me. It’s a pear tree, the bud is small, but the bloom is beautiful. This brought me back to my childhood and my Nana’s bradford pears. My camera was in the car so I ran and got it, my first sign. Something whispered to me as I looked at it that I was like this bud, still maturing, waiting to bloom and blossom. I just have to believe it, sometimes I want it all right now, but sometimes it takes a while. I’ll be more patient. I’ll try to be more patient. I found my quiet tonight, it’s raining hard. I relaxed in the clawfoot tub, and just chilled. It was a good day! Another sign is Mike is very quiet tonight himself, I don’t think he had a very good day. It is rare that I find him this quiet.


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