Uncle Dig It is pooped

I’ve been babysitting my two nephews since 2:30 this afternoon, ages 4 and 2. I just got home and let me just tell you I am wooped. We had fun though, they told me about the monkey man, no boogie man for them, just the monkey man. We watched “Finding Nemo” and they finally fell asleep midway through it at midnight. I’d post some pictures but I’m just too tired too download them right now.
Now I’m missing my big ole bear to snuggle up too as I hit the sheets. Eli told me I could take Teddy if I wanted too, but I left him curled up in his arms. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve tomorrow and wonderful Christmas.
Thanks T. You got me just what I wanted.

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7 Responses to “Uncle Dig It is pooped”

  1. Boy, it didn’t take you long to get home and then get into the swing of playin’ the happy-go-lucky uncle. LOL. I’m doing the same ting bud!!! I am happy that the music is hitting the spot. Hmmmm! A warn furry bear to snuggle up to is sounding good…I need me some Orlando!

  2. Hey Derek, Merry Christmas! Hope you get the bear soon…..Wishing you a great holiday and lots of happiness and joy in your life and home.

  3. What a wonderful way to spend the evening – and what a thoughtful nephew… he is going to grow up to be just like Unkle Dig It!

    As for T – he always know just the right thing to do…

  4. Merry Christmas, Uncle Dig-It!

  5. happy christmas to you regardless
    and peace/health in 2007

  6. Dig It I hope you had a Merry Christmas. I have been calling since Friday but I think you turned off your answering machine or else your phone is broke. I’ll catch up with later. Have a safe trip home.

  7. Sounds like the holidays got off to a good start, the rest was as wonderful in the arms of your Teddy…

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