Teardrops are only temporary

One of my favorite writers is George MacDonald, I’ve written a few entries on him. One thing he wrote was “God has come to wipe away our tears. He is doing it; He will have it done as soon as He can; and until He can He would have them flow without bitterness; to which end He tells us it is a blessed thing to mourn because of the comfort that is on the way.” This is one of my favorite quotes, it seems like while we wait for that comfort, we can be assured that we will not be tested beyond our ability to bear the trial. My mom always used to tell me that growing up. Every difficult circumstance is times with exact precision. Screened though with His perfect love. We won’t suffer one moment more, nor will we suffer more than it necessary. So why am I so hard headed, why does it take me more than one time to learn some lessons, yep that’s what’s going through my head. Guess sometimes the waters are deep. But deep down I always know that everything is going to be alright. I’ve really just needed a good cry cry. What’s the saying, “Tears are often the telescope by which we can see into heaven.” I came home from work today and crawled in the bed and went to sleep, and now I’m just waking up. I thought of Sherry and my little niece Autumn being with Maggie when they put her to sleep today, I saw their tears as Maggie headed to the Rainbow bridge, and couldn’t help but cry. A girl from work came by and said what’s wrong, I told her nothing my allergies were bothering me really bad. Sherry and Autumn took Maggie out to my sister Dena’s and buried her out by the old pond we all swam in as children behind Dena’s house. Sherry, Dena, Autumn, and Eli had a little funeral for her. I promise this will be my last sad entry, but I guess that’s what I’m feeling. I’m hurting because I know my sister is hurting, I know how much she loved Maggie. We took this of her and Maggie on her wedding day. So my question to you tonight is, do you believe in Doggie Heaven? I do!


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3 Responses to “Teardrops are only temporary”

  1. Derek, I just got done reading your two entries on Maggie at this late hour. First moment I’ve had free today.

    I know what it’s like to let go of several pets. we had to put a fmaily dog and cat to sleep. it’s so hard when they become an integral part of your life. I just wish I had my own space again ‘cuz there are times I wish I had a small dog or cat to cuddle with.

    I hope your sister and Autumn are both doing ok. Sending some hugs out!

  2. As I commented yesterday, if dogs aren’t allowed (or cats, too), I ain’t goin’!

    When our first dog died after 14 1/2 years (she died naturally, but was very sick), I cried for a week. I cried until I got my next girlfriend a week later. I had her for 15 1/2 years. I had to put her down. It was gut wrenching. I cried for a month, until I got my third girlfriend. She is such a lover. Even still when I think of 1 & 2, I moisten. We buried #1 in our back yard (illegal, I know, so kill me) and planted a spruce seedling over it. The tree is now over 20′ tall. Each C’mas I decorated the tree with white lights so she can have C’mas. (#2 was cremated.)

  3. Beautiful words. My dog Jesse is 11 and I know the day is creeping up on me when he’ll be gone…
    I just make sure I enjoy every moment with him that I can. He really has me “living in the now”.
    Sorry to hear about Maggie. There’s nothing as good as a good dog.

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