Thursday Tales

Back in 1998, after the end of my nine year relationship with David, my friend Norman helped me by providing me a safe haven to stay until I got myself on my feet. It was a wonderful time, we had lots of fun going out together. He’s a super sweet guy and we just caught up some the other day, he and his partner live down in West Palm Beach together.
They have a company together called He always did have that way of making things beautiful. He’s a super nice guy! And a wonderful bear. Tell him hey at


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7 Responses to “Thursday Tales”

  1. You DO have some very nice (and nice looking) friends!

  2. I’ll second that!?

  3. NIce to know there was someone there to help you catch a breather when you needed it. And yap! He’s a handsome bear!

  4. Another handsome man – where DO you find them all…

  5. WOW…all the beautiful memories come rushing back!

  6. Another hottie. Thanks for sharing.

  7. wow,,

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