Thanks to all

I have to say the day started a little weird, usually at work we always decorate our fellow workers desk for their birthdays, we all sign a card, and make them feel special. Well this week there is a lot going on and over half of our people are in the training I took two weeks ago, so our bosses and half of everyone else was gone, and not one person said Happy Birthday to me at work, which after 14 years there it felt kind of strange. The highlight of work today was my mom, sisters, and my friend Rochelle called me and sang Happy birthday. Oh and one sweet lady did come give me a big hug. I came home and still kind of blah, The weekend was so wonderful, and Mike really showed me a wonderful time. Last night Turk came over and we got movies and he brought a cake. Then I got to thinking deep and started visiting the past, and started feeling somewhat blue, thank goodness for Tony’s call. It picked me back up. Then I visited and the two men have really made this day special for me with their kind words. I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I also thank everyone else for their comments and well wishes, and Pete at , sent me a wonderful book I know I’m going to enjoy! Thanks buddy. I started reading all the comments and now I’m feeling so happy. So I’ll have to save my other post for another day. Now my honey at just put on “The Wizard of Oz”, so I can’t help but be happy, he’s sitting over here on the couch in his birthday suit, so I may just take off my jeans and get in mine as well and do some bearubbing. I also want to thank him for everything this weekend. To all my friends past, present, and future. Thanks you!


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5 Responses to “Thanks to all”

  1. Happy Birthday & Greetings to Florida!

  2. Hugs Bud. I hope you enjoy the book. Get some rubs in for me. I hope you had a Happy Birthday!

  3. Derek- it was the least I could do – and I ALWAYS do the least I can do! Hope it was a happy day my friend!

  4. Dang you Derek…why did you have to go and create that darn image of you and Brother Mike with all that far, stark naked on the couch. And then mention bear rubbing. I need to go outside and take some deep breaths!!!

    Hugs bud!

  5. I am so glad you had a happy day. You so deserve it. Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to seeing you again. Maybe Spider and I could drive up for a day (it’s not like you live THAT far) Enjoy the rest of your birthday week!

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